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ARIANRHOD (Welsh) an earth goddess

BADB (Irish) " Crow, Raven " War goddess also capable of shape-shifting.

BOANN (Irish) " She of the white cows " a river goddess and consort of the Dagda. She bore him a son, Angus Mac Og.

BRANWEN (Welsh) sister of Bran and goddess of love

BRIGIT (Irish,European) " Exalted One " Also Brighid, Bride, and Brigantia. She is a goddess of fire, poetry, and inspiration.

CAILLEACH (Scottish) Crone goddess of winter. A blue-faced hag who is reigns from Samhain to Beltane.

CERRIDWEN (Welsh) Goddess of Inspiration and keeper of the "Cauldron of Knowledge". She is the hag aspect of the Mother Goddess.

EPONA (Gallic) horse goddess of fertility, healing, and vegetation

MACHA (Irish) fertility goddess and an aspect of the Morrigan.

MAEVE (Irish) a mother goddess connected with the earth

The Morrigan (Irish) "Phantom Queen" a triple goddess of war, fertility, and vegetation. Connected with the goddesses Macha, Nemain (panic or frenzy), and Badb (Raven)

RHIANNON (Irish) horse goddess associated with fertility and the underworld.


BELENUS (Irish,European) God of light, solar worship, and healing. Considered to be one of the eldest Celtic gods. His festival is Beltane.

BRAN (Welsh) brother of Branwen. A giant and an underworld deity.

CERNUNNOS (Gallic) Often viewed as a man with antlers of a stag and hooves. He is a god of fertility and the hunt.

DAGDA (Irish Tribal) "The Good God" meant he was good at everything. He was strictly an Irish tribal god, a protector and benefactor. Protection, strength, knowledge, and the "Cauldron of Abundance"

LLYR (Irish) Father of Bran and well as others.

LUGH (Irish) "Lord of Skills" He was a later tribal god. Sun god of light. His festival is Lughnasadh.

MABON (Welsh) "Son" God of Youth,hunts, and fishermen.