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APHRODITE Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality

ARTEMIS Goddess of the Moon, the hunt, childbirth, and the night

ATHENA Goddess of Wisdom, war, the arts, and justice

CLOTHO The youngest of the Fates. She is the one who spins the thread of Life.

DEMETER Earth goddess of fertility. Mother of Persephone

EOS Personification of the dawn.

FATES A trio of goddesses who controlled the paths of each person's life from birth to death. they are Clotho (the spinner), Lachesis (the aportioner), and Atropos (the inevitable). Even the gods seemed subject to these three.

GAIA Mother Earth. She is the eldest of all the Greek Goddesses. She is the 'all-mother',the one who gives and takes life.

GRACES A trio of Goddesses,who were attendants of Aphrodite. Also known as the Charities; they are Aglaia (splendor), Euphrosyne (mirth), and Thalia (good cheer).

HECATE Goddess of the crossroads, and patroness of witches.

HERA Queen of the Gods, wife of Zeus. She is the goddess of marriage and birth The peacock and cow are her symbols.

HESTIA Virgin goddess of the hearth fire and domestic life.

IRIS Messenger of the gods to mankind (particularly to Hera) She is the personified goddess of the rainbow.

LACHESIS The one of the Fates that measures the thread of life and determines its destiny

NEMESIS Goddess of Justice and vengeance

NIKE Goddess of Victory and companion of Athena

PERSEPHONE Goddess of the underworld and daughter of Demeter. She is known as Kore,Hades' Queen.

RHEA Mother of the Gods, a mother goddess

SELENE Goddess of the Moon and sister to Helios, the Sun God.

THEMIS Goddess of Justice, and Law


APOLLO God of Light, medicine, prophecy, and music. He is the son of Zeus and Leto; twin of Artemis

Ares God of War

CHRONOS Father Time

CRONUS (or Kronos) Father of Zeus, and King of the the gods before he was overthrown by Zeus.

DIONYSUS God of Wine, fertility, and agriculture.

EROS God of love and sexual desire

HADES "The Unseen" God of the Underworld. He is lord of the dead and sometimes thought of as the unnamed god since the nether world was called Hades.

HELIOS The Sun God. He rides across the sky on his chariot of fire.

HEPHAESTUS God of smiths and fire.

HERMES Messenger of the Gods, patron of shepherds and travellers. He is a bringer of good luck.

MORPHEUS God of Dreams

PAN God of shepherds and flocks, fertility, and music.

POSEIDON God of the Sea, earthquakes. and horses.

ZEUS "Sky Father" son of Kronus and Rhea, he is the king of the Gods. He is symbolized by the eagle and the bull. He is a weather deity, ruling the clouds, thunderbolts and rain.