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  • Moon Phases

    *Every moon phase is in a certain astrological sign and knowing this can help tremendously with your spells. Here is a guide to the different astro phases. Be sure to check an astrological calendar of some type to find out which sign the moon is currently in. It changes approximately every couple of days.

    Moon in Aries - Starting things. Things started in this period will only last a short time. Spell results will be strong but brief. Energy, drive, work, career, temper.

    Moon in Taurus - Spell results at this time will outlast any others, so be cautious, whenthings are set in motion now they are difficult to stop. Love, prosperity.

    Moon in Gemini - Inconsistency. Not a good time to cast spells as outside influences are likely to interfere. Communication.

    Moon in Cancer - Relations, avery nurturing time, anything concerning emotional ties between people. Support, emotions.

    Moon in Leo - Drama, recreation, happy pursuits, energy.

    Moon in Virgo - Details are strengthened, so don't leave out any details in spellwork. A good time to contact your spirit guides, totems or higher self. Communication in general.

    Moon in Libra - Self awareness and interaction with others. A time to plan ahead and avoid spontaneity. Love.

    Moon in Scorpio - Psychic powers are now heightened. A time to thoroughly sever any unwanted connections. A time to release old patterns and habbits. Future outlook, dark/hidden forces, all kinds of psychic work.

    Moon in Sagittarius - A very positive time. Imagination, creativity, expansion, luck.

    Moon in Capricorn - Organisation, structure, discipline, restrictions, health. A good time to focus/get rid of things that hold you back.

    Moon in Aquarius - A time to focus on coping. Unique and individual activities or humankind and society as a whole.

    Moon in Pisces - Move within, reorganise yourself and start making plans for the future. Intuition, psychic pursuits.

    *Along with the astro phases, these different phases of the moon are good for different types of spells and/or psychic work aswell. It's a good idea to take both of these things into account when planning spellwork.

    New moon - Starting anything new, beginnings, love, romance.

    Waxing moon - Constructive magick, love, wealth, success, courage, anything that needs to build up.

    Full moon - Prophecy, psychic work, protection, divination.

    Waning moon - Banishing magick, ridding oneself of addictions, anything that needs to slow down, dissapear or become less.

    Above information was contributed and is used with permission by Aurora. Written with reference to an Austrailian magazine :"Witchcraft Magazine"