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The Roman Pantheon

Roman Pantheon


Aurora Goddess of dawn. She is represented as the driver of a rose-colored chariot drawn by a team of white horses to announce the forthcoming journey of her brother, Helios (who drives the sun's chariot). Similar to the Greek Eos.

Ceres Goddess of the harvest and agriculture. Sister of Juno and Vesta and mother of Proserpine. Similar to the Greek Demeter.

Diana Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. Protectress of the woods and wild animals. She is also a goddess of chastity, yet called upon to aid woman through childbirth. Sister to Apollo she is similiar to the Greek Artemis. She has been compared to the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Flora Goddess of Spring flowers and perpetual youth. She is represented carrying a bundle of flowers and a crown of flowers as well. Similar to the Greek Chloris

Juno Goddess of Marriage and childbirth. Best known for her jealousy of her husbands (Juno) relationships with other females. Similar to the Greek Hera

Minerva Goddess of Wisdom,arts,sciences and war.Sacred to her are the owl and olives. Similar to the Greek Athene

Ops Goddess Mother. She is the mother of the Roman Gods:Jupiter,Juno,and their brother and sisters. Similiar to the Greek Rhea. She is often depicted as wearing a crown of towers in recognition of her efforts to strengthen cities with towers.

Pomona Goddess of fruit orchards. Depicted as a lovely maiden with a basket of fruit and/or flowers.

Venus Goddess of Desire and the Graces. She inspires romantic passion. Similiar to the Greek Aphrodite.

Vesta Goddess of the Hearth and Fire. Her fire respresented health and life-sustaining heat.


Apollo God of Medicine ,Music ,and Poetry. He was also the god of prophecy and archery. Brother of Diana.

Bacchus God of Wine. Similiar to the Greek Dionysus.

Cupid God of Love. Mostly represented as a winged boy. His arrows ould evoke love in both gods and mortals. Similar to the Greek Eros.

Faunus He rules over the forests, hills, and green meadows. The Lupercalia is a festival in his honor. He is represented as half man and half goat. Similar to the Greek Pan

Jupiter The most powerful of all the Roman Gods, he is their ruler. Also known as Jove he is most known for his sexual behavior and fierce lightning bolts. Similar to the Greek Zeus.

Mars God of War. He is seen as an invincible warrior and strategic commander. Similar to the Greek Ares

Mercury God of wealth, commerce, music, and science. He is the messenger of the gods. Similar to the Greek Hermes.

Neptune God of the seas and all their affairs. He was the supreme ruler of the oceans and second in power to Jupiter. He is often depicted carrying a trident and wearing a crown. Similar to the Greek Poseidon.

Pluto God of the Underworld. He oversees the spirits of the dead. Similar to the Greek Hades.

Saturn one of the Elder Gods (Titans). He was married to Ops. Saturnalia is a seven-day festival in his honor. Similar to the Greek Cronus and represented as a bearded old man carrying an hourglass and sometimes a sickle.

Somnus God of Sleep. Brother of Death. Similar to the Greek Hypnos.