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Alexandrian Witchcraft Founded in England by Alex Sanders in the 1960s. Not much difference from Gardnerian witchcraft. It is a structured tradition.

British Tradtional Witchcraft A structured system with a mix of Celtic and Gardnarian beliefs. Covens are male and female and they are trained through the degree process.

Celtic This tradition uses the Celtic/Druidic pantheon. This stresses the knowledge of the elements,the Ancient Ones, and magickal attributes of plants and stones.

Caledonii Tradition This tradition celebrates the festivals of the Scots. Formerly known as the Hecatine Tradition.*

Ceremonial Magician (Witchcraft) This tradition uses a lot of ceremonial magick. Rituals are very detailed and may have elements of Qabbalistic or Egyptian magick.

Dianic Tradition The feminist movement in the Craft. There main focus is on the Goddess and her many aspects.

Eclectic Witchcraft/Paganism This really isn't a 'tradition'. People who are eclectic takes little bits 'n pieces from a variety of sources. They use whatever magickal system and pantheon that works best for them.

Faerie Definition coming

Gardnerian This tradition was organized by Gerald Gardner in England during the 1950s. Gardner took the risk of being the first to publicize the Craft. This tradition is very structured and secretive.

Hereditary Witch This refers to a witch who has ancestors who were witches AND this person has been taught the Craft by relatives. Also know as Family Traditionals.

Kitchen Witch A witch who practices magick and religion by hearth and home (kitchen).

Nordic Tradition Also called 'Teutonic Tradition'. Involves the Nordic pantheon.

Pow-Wow This is a magickal system with Germanic origins.

Seax-Wica Founded by Raymond Buckland in 1973. It's of Saxon basis.

Solitary Solitaries practice by themselves; whether they choose to or not. They may still follow a particular tradition, they just do it alone.

Strega This tradition is Italian based. They have teachings surrounding a woman named Aradia.

Wicca A witch....the exact definition varies,but most Wiccans follow the Wiccan Rede.

* Information from To Ride a Silver Broomstick,by Silver RavenWolf, Llewellyn Pub,1993.