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  • Direction: West
  • Colors: Blue, white, silver, pale greens, turquoise, blue-greens, dark brown or gray
  • Gender: Female (receptive)
  • Tools: Cups, bowls, chalices and cauldrons
  • Elementals: Undines
  • Archangel: Gabriel
  • Gods: Llew, Osiris, Poseidon, Neptune
  • Goddesses: Aphrodite(Greek), Venus (Roman), Isis (Egyptian), Morganna (Celtic)
  • Season: Fall
  • Sabbat: Mabon
  • Animals: Cranes, pelicans, sea gulls, fish, sea mammals, beavers, bears, elk
  • Herbs: Chamomile, camphor, mugwort, myrrh, plumeria, sandalwood, thyme and vanilla.
  • Spellwork: Dreams, psychic awareness, health, love. By the sea, using water, ice or snow.
  • Astrological signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
  • Sounds: String instruments - harps, lutes, guitars, violins - some light, flowing bells or chimes