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Founders of The Rainwater Society

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    1998, 1999, 2000 Rainwater Society

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    Moon SpiritWolf

    General Info
    Age: 19
    Occupation: College Student/Entrepreneur/Journalist/Editor & Publisher
    Hobbies: Collecting Books (my favorite is Phantom of the Opera by Susan Kay) Creating and updating websites (which can be found under "Members: Member Websites" All things Highlander and I'm still impatiently waiting for Highlander 4 to come out. (among other things)
    Other info: I'm definitely a Autumn type person. I also enjoy learning about other cultures, history, mythology, and really a whole slew of other things . . . ack, and now I'm tired of talking about myself, feel free to browse my other pages and dig deeper into my world.

    How it all began

    You may be wondering who's idea it was to start this place I'll tell you the story. We were Chesme (18 yrs.old) and Moon SpiritWolf (19 yrs.old).

    We met after discussing the possibility of setting up a Pagan organization for young Pagans. Of course, we both hit it off with our enthusiasm for the project and so spent the next few weeks making a plan. That was back in November of 1998.

    And here we are today. Well, Chesme has since gone, and I'm the sole director of this organization today. We could definitely use more help so if you're interested, click the join form over there