Monday March 27, 2000
From: Linda Clark
729 S. Bonnie Brae #411
Los Angeles, CA 90057-4105
Complete Home-Mailers Program
LCK Marketing
4524 Curry Ford RD. #218
Orlando, FL 32812

This letter is in regards to the Complete Home-Mailers Program for envelope-stuffing that I received in January of this year (2000). I'm not satisified with it and would like to take advantage of the refund offered, as is stated in the first introduction notice sent to me by you. It offeres a 90 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Included with this letter I am enclosing the original materials I received from your company. (Also as stated in the first notice.) Please send me a refund of the $35.00 fee right away. An addressed and stamped envelope for mailing the refund is also included. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank-you.


Linda Clark

1 SAS Envelope
7 page program materials

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