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The Rainwater Society: Pagan Dictionary

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  • Pagan Dictionary


    Amulet: A consecrated object inscribed with runes or other symbols that possesses the power to protect a person or thing from threatening influences,misfortune.(EX.astrological jewelry,stones)
    Athame: A black-handled ritual knife.Used mostly to draw the Circle and direct energy during rituals.
    Aura: A colored light produced by energy that emanates from the bodies of all living things.


    Banish: To release or drive away from the power of the magic circle.
    Bolline: A white-handled working knife used to harvest herbs,cut wands and carve magickal symbols into candles and talismans.
    Book of Shadows: A secret journal of spells,rituals, recipes,etc. kept by a witch.


    Candle magick: A sympathetic magick that uses colored candles to represent the people/things at which the spell is directed.
    Cauldron: A small pot that represents the womb of the Goddess,and is used forvarious purposes including brewing,burning incenses,and holding herbs.
    Censer: A fireproof incenser burner used in magickal rituals.
    Chakra: Any of the seven special points of psychic energy located within the human body.
    Charm: A highly magickal object that works like an amulet or talisman to counteract misfortune.
    Cone of Power: The ritual act of visualizing energy in the form of a spiral light rising from the magick circle and directing it towards a specific goal or task.
    Covenstead: The place where a coven regularly meets.


    Deosil: Clockwise movement.
    Divination:Science of discovering the unknown and foretelling events of the future by interpreting omens,Tarot cards,astrology,etc.


    Enchantment: Magick act of bewitching or casting a spell upon someone or something.
    Esbat: Celebration/rites held at night mainly on Full Moons.
    Evocation: Summoning a spirit or entity by using spells or words of power.


    Familiar: An attendant spirit that appears in the form of an animal.


    Glyph:Sacred or magickal symbol.
    Grimoire: A magickal workbook.


    Handfast: Marry,marriage
    Henge: A sacred enclosure for outdoor rituals,usually made of stone, though occasionally of large wooden markers.


    Incantation: Ritual recitation of words of power usually rhymed in order to produce a magickal effect.
    Initiation: A ritual in which the individual is accepted into a higher ranking (reflecting a greater level of understanding and knowledge) before his/her coven members and before the Gods.


    Karma: The law of cause and effect that applies to all our actions and their consequences in this life or in future incarnations.


    Left-handed path: Refers to using magick and metaphysical studies for bad or wrong-doing.


    Mantra: A sacred chant or sound in toned silently as part of a meditaiton ritual,often to achieve union with Divinity.
    Meditation: A technique of mind-control that promotes a feeling of tranquility and peacefulness.


    Pagan: From the Latin word Paganus,meaning a "country dweller" the Church uses it as a derogatorily to describe any person who is not Christian,Jew or Moslem. A follower of a polytheistic religion.
    Pentacle: The ceremonial tool on the altar which symbolizes Earth.It's usually round and incribed with a pentagram.
    Pentagram: A traditional symbol of the 5-pointed star used for protection or for other magickal purposes.
    Polytheism: Belief or worship of more than one god.


    Rede: A rule or creed.
    Reincarnation:The repeated birth of the same soul in different physical bodies.
    Right-handed path: Using magickal and metaphysical studies for constructive ends.
    Rune: Ancient alphabet using symbols with great meaning.


    Sabbat: Any of eight Wiccan festivals that celebrate the transition of each season.
    Scrying: Practice of interpreting the future past or present from images seen while gazing into a crystal ball,candle flame,pool of water,or a mirror.
    Solitary: A witch who practices magick without belonging to a coven.
    Spell: A way of working magick to make things happen. Also considered a form of prayer.
    Summerland: Paradise that is the land between lives where the soul can rest between incarnations.


    Tuatha De Damnu( Tuatha De Danaan): Some of the legendary races which are said to have existed before the human race.(Faery Wicca)


    Wicca: An old Saxon word meaning "magic worker". Now used as a synonym for witchcraft and the Old Religion.
    Widdershins: Counter-clockwise movement