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Pagan Information: Esbats

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  • Esbats

    Esbats are night-time celebrations. (Most often on Full and New Moons). Each lunar month has a moon that is given a special name. The names are reflective of events, or animals, or activities in nature that occur during that lunar month. Some people like to make-up their own names for each moon after things that are special to where they live. Below we have some commonly used moon-names and their attributes:

    January Wolf Moon (Alt.Name - Quiet Moon) Powers: Reverse spells,protection,luck in the New Year.
    February Storm Moon (Alt.Names - Ice Moon,Wild Moon,Hunger Moon) Powers: Purification,healing,forgiving,love.
    March Chaste Moon (Alt.Name - Crow Moon) Powers: Exploration,new beginnings,seeing the truth in your life.
    April Seed Moon (Alt.Names - Growing Moon,Planter's Moon) Powers: Creating,self-improvement,change.
    May Hare Moon (Alt.Names - Bright Moon,Flower Moon) Powers: Creative energy,Intuition
    June Dyad Moon (Alt.Names - Lover's Moon,Rose Moon) Powers: Responsiblity,protection,decision-making, strengthening.
    July Hay Moon (Alt.Name - Mead Moon) Powers: Dream-work,divination,meditation,success
    August Wyrt Moon (Alt.Name - Wort Moon) Powers: Vitality,Health,friendships,appreciation
    September Harvest Moon (Alt.Names - Corn Moon,Barley Moon,Wine Moon) Powers: Balance of Light and Dark,organization
    October Blood Moon Powers: Letting go,inner harmony,justice,reincarnation and Karma.
    November Snow Moon Powers: Transformation,preparation.
    December Cold Moon (Alt.Names - Oak Moon,Moon of Long Nights) Powers: Rebirth,Family and friends,charity
    Blue Moon *When the full moon occurs twice within the same month. (Alt.Names - Ancestor Moon,Moon of the Dead) Powers: Realeasing negative emotions,Prophecy