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  • Common Pagan Tools

    Below is a list of some common magical tools used by some Pagans. It's not necessary to have these items, but they do spice up a ritual ;) Visit our "Laugh and Learn" pages for craft ideas for making tools.

    Athame - a black-handled ritual knife (usually double-edged). Though it is not traditionally used for cutting, some people do use it to cut herbs, whittle ritual items, inscribing runes, etc. The athame is often used to direct energy (like casting a circle for example).

    Bell - a bell that is rung to signify the beginning or the ending of a ritual.

    Bolline - a white-handled working knife used to harvest herbs, cut wands and carve magickal symbols into candles and talismans. Sometimes,this knife is replaced with the athame.

    Book of Shadows - a secret journal of spells, rituals, recipes, meditations, notes, etc. kept by a witch (Wiccan/Pagan). It's a sort of dairy of one's spiritual growth in living the magickal life. Sometimes called a magickal journal, Book of Moons,Grimoire,etc.

    Broom - also called a "besom", the broom is used to cleanse the ritual or working area. It's symbolically used to sweep the area clean of unwanted energies. Sometimes placed near an entrance to one's home for protection.

    Candles - colored candles are sometimes used in sympathetic magick to represent the people/things at which the spell is directed.

    Cauldron - a small pot that represents the womb of the Goddess, and is used for various purposes including brewing,burning incenses,and holding herbs.

    Censer - a fireproof incenser burner used in magickal rituals.

    Chalice - a ritual cup used to hold whatever beverage used in the magickal circle.

    Crystal Ball - a divination tool.

    Grimoire - magickal workbook.

    Pentacle - a traditional symbol of the 5-pointed star used for protection or for other magickal purposes.

    Pentagram - the ceremonial tool on the altar which symbolizes Earth. It's usually round and incribed with a pentagram.

    Rede - a rule or creed to live by. The Wiccan Rede is a tool to help make ethical judgements.

    Rune - ancient alphabet using symbols with great meaning.

    Wand - interchangeable with the athame. A wand is also used to direct energy.